NBC Gives Chicago Justice (TV Series 2017)


Chicago Justice is a spinoff from Chicago PD, where Peter Stone (Phillip Winchester) was the State’s Attorney on that show for a few episodes. The show opens with a crossover with Season four, Episode 16 titled, “Emotional Proximity” which is the investigation of a fire at a warehouse. The fire at a factory caused 39 children die, to include Detective Olinsky’s daughter. Assistant State’s Attorney, Peter Stone is trying the case of his career. WATCH OUT!

Each episode, gets better. Peter Stone reminds me of Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds. You know, he who sees good in others. Peter, finds himself taking a step back to re-assess, with the help of his second chair, Anna Valdez (Monica Barabaro),he has a fresh look at the way things are going. However, she just may be surprised by Peter.

Also part of the cast, Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Laura Nagel (Joelle Carter) as investigators for the State attorney’s Office.The guest stars in each episode gets more surprising. Definitely not sure where to start,but there are some good ones!

Binge watch this show, if you are into legal shows. There may be some truth to the due process, in Illinois, for this show, but it’s overall a good show so far. You can watch the first episode and be hooked from the get go! Totally bingeworthy!