Movie Review (True Story)


RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2015

STUDIO: Fox Searchlight Pictures

DIRECTOR: Rupert Goold

MPAA RATING: R (for language and some disturbing material)

SCREENWRITERS: Rupert Goold, Arnon Milchan

STARRING: James Franco, Jonah Hill, Felicity Jones

GENRE: Drama, Biography

I was intrigued by this film when I first heard about it. I mean a non comedy starring James Franco and Jonah Hill ? Who wouldn’t want to see if it was possible ? I’m here to tell you that I don’t believe that it might still be doable but, this go round it doesn’t materialize in the form of True Story. Hill and Franco are serviceable enough in their performances but, it just feels like an empty promise. The trailer seems to give off a tone of menace and danger for those involved and the story definitely builds to that. It builds and builds and then… nothing. There’s no danger for anyone just manipulation that has no real endgame or at least a really boring one. The real motives behind Christian Longo (Franco) killing his family are never learned so there’s not even that to bring closure to all the proceedings. This movie based on true events could have used a lot more Hollywood embellishment.