Movie Review (Terminator Genisys)


He said he’d be back and dammit if he didn’t mean it. Because once again Mr. Schwarzenegger is back to stop Skynet! With the last few movies in the series being total turdfests can the Governator capture the magic of the past while saving the future ?

With the Salvation technically just looping back to the start of the first Terminator when Kyle Reese is sent back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor, so begins Genisys. Kyle Reese is sent back to 1984 and meets Sarah and an old version of the T-100 (who Sarah affectionately calls Pops). They travel in to the future to stop Skynet from ever going online, but run in to Jon Connor. Now, the question is what does his prescence mean for them and their mission ?

Honestly, this film is a pretty straightforward action movie with a little bit of sci-fi thrown in. The story is a damn mess of a work of science fiction. With time traveling it has become all sorts of confusing. Most of the sci-fi elements are from previous entries so the action is emphasized far more. It even has more humor than the series has been known for in previous entries. It feels more like a typical Arnold action set piece film than anything else most of the time. Now, don’t get me wrong it’s a pretty good action film but don’t come looking for a science fiction masterwork is all I’m saying. Arnold of course handles his duties as the Terminator who inexplicably has patriarchal feelings for Sarah Connor very well. He is getting too old for this sh!t (shout out Danny GLover) but there seems to be some pneumatic pressure still left in the old exoskeleton. The fight scenes are geared to his fading physical capabilities but they’re pretty damn brutal still. Jai Courtney is kind of just there as Kyle Reese and doesn’t get in the way or stand out to me. Jason Clarke as John Connor is rightly charismatic and menacing in a performance that’s well done. Emilia Clarke I didn’t even recognize without her blonde wig on. She’s capable in her role as a slightly less badass Sarah Connor than the version from T2. She’s a very slight and tiny woman who looks a little under aged to be honest. That’s not her fault but that does the role she plays no favors. The CGI and battle scenes are top notch and are a joy to see. You’ll ooohhh and aaahhh as the flashy lights flicker across the screen.

This is the best Terminator film since the second. The CGI is on point and the explosion and carnage machine at the movie studio seemed to be working over time as crap gets blown up beautifully. Some of the characters either don’t look the part or don’t make an impression but, old (really old) reliable Arnie anchors it all well. You will have fun with this movie.

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