Movie Review: John Wick


Release Date: October 24, 2014
MPAA Rating: R (for strong and bloody violence throughout, language and brief drug use)
Studio: Lionsgate
Director: Chad Stahelski
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Adrianne Palicki, Dean Winters, Bridget Moynahan, Ian McShane, John Leguizmo, Willem Dafoe
Genre: Action, Thriller


He’s Baaack! And an ULTIMATE Badass in this film. Oh…you don’t know about Keanu Reeves? Well, he starred in Point Break, The Matrix Trilogy, 47 Ronin, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (yep – I went there!). You better pick up a mag and read up!!
I was a little confused in the beginning. I was trying to understand the first fifteen minutes – I mean it is kind of slow. Then…BOOM!!!

Viggo: You struck my son
Aurelio: Yes. He stole John’s car and killed his dog
Viggo: Oh.

Best line in the movie to me…okay. There were several. The sarcasm in the film is phenomenal (if you have the sense of humor of course). My seat was getting some serious shifting action. I was on the edge. I was loving the stash of hand guns, flash bangs, rifles and well choreographed fight scenes (because you really can’t do fight scenes like that in real life). The action was awesome and you can relate to his character. Well, wait. Yes. You can, totally. Apparently, CODE and PRINCIPAL is important in the world of Hitmen (and Hitwomen – is that even…?).
They called him The Boogeyman, Russian folklore (according to the film).

In the least, there was a bad ass chick in the film too. Adrianne Palicki plays Ms. Perkins. Devious, conniving ass kicker, it was like looking at a younger version of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.
Willem Dafoe was the cool and precise Marcus. There is some sniper activity that happens in this film. I was excited.
Michael Nyqvist surpassed his role as Viggo, the “Father” Who has no qualm about putting a contract out on you, no matter what. Old School Russian Mafia man.
Alfie Allen plays Iosef, an “entitled” brat who basically gets his ass kicked and coddled. A brat with daddy issues from my view. Some people’s children, seriously.

I think the it ended a bit weird and I was not alone on that one.
If this was Keanu’s come back film (I loved him in Constantine!) then this is a good one to come back to. Word on the street is that he may be coming to TV…we’ll see!!