Movie Review: Broken City


Release Date:January 18, 2013
MPAA Rating: R (for pervasive language, some sexual content and violence)
Runtime:1 hr 48 min
Director: Allen Hughes
Studio:20th Century Fox
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Stars:Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Barry Pepper, Kyle Chandler


You ever met what appears to be a hot chick at the bar? Then you talk to her and find out the best part about her was looking at her from far away? That’s how I felt about Broken City after watching it. I mean the trailers look awesome as if there’s to be all manner of action and intrigue. Ahh, how looks can be deceiving! There is little in the way of action and even less intrigue as the movie is more than predictable.

So here’s the premise: Cops and politicians do bad things because they have the power to decide what they deem right and wrong. Now when these people get caught, they do even more crooked stuff to cover each other’s backs. Mark Wahlberg is Billy Taggert, a cop that is on trial for murder. Mayor Hostetler (Russell Crowe) sees this as an injustice and makes the problem go away with the help of Jeffrey Wrights’ Carl Fairbanks. The Mayor promises to make the evidence disappear for Taggert if he resigns as an officer but lets him know that if he needs something that he’s good with him. Of course, Billy gets a call a while later from the Mayor enlisting him to use his new vocation as a private eye to look in on his wife. From there trouble ensues to ho hum results.

I mean sure there’s alright performances from the cast Wright and Crowe stand out in my mind. And the chemistry between Taggert and Katy his assistant at the private eye agency is awesome, comical and frankly one of the best parts about the movie. I just couldn’t really get to a point where I cared to keep watching this movie. The movie kept building and building and then the credits rolled before anything cool happened.
There’s a sucker born every minute. I have to admit this film had me fooled from the trailers hook, line and sinker. So, now I feel like I’ve been duped by a pair of silicone double Ds, a butt implant, and Botox injections. The few bright spots couldn’t ever fix this broken movie for this viewer. I give this bland mess a 1.5 out of 5.