Family movie of the Week: Big Hero 6


[divider]Marvel and Disney have not missed since they got together. The many Avengers based movies to recent mega hit Guardians of the Galaxy have made boat loads of money and gained critical success with the only people that count, comic fans. Now after taking a little known comic property and turning it in to a world wide box office hit Marvel is trying the formula again with the new animated film Big Hero 6. It’s about a young robotics genius named Hiro and his rag tag team of “nerds” turned superheroes trying to thwart a madman’s scheme.

These comics had an extremely short run in stores back in the 90’s so very few people have any familiarity with the charcaters or the city of San Fransokyo. That is easily the greatest strength of this film as you don’t go in with any expectations. It allows for you to get in to it easier without picking it apart for source material changes or oversights. The characters are varied and goofy enough to be significant parts of the storytelling machine and the voice talent feels like they had a blast doing this movie. It’s especially noticable with Scott Adsit as the voice of Baymax (the white robot from the trailers). He brings the biggest laughs of the movie amongst a cast of other Hollywood talent such as Jaime Chung (Go Go), Daman Wayans Jr. (Wasabi), and James Cromwell (Robert Callaghan). The pacing on the film is fantastic as it never sits too long as the target audience is children and we all know their attention spans have been getting shorter and shorter over the years.

They did glance over the other four members of the Big Hero 6 a bit and didn’t quite flesh out their characters but it seems likely to be sequels in the future so that isn’t a major issue for me. The long and short of it is that this movie is good. Parents will definitely have more toys and assorted merchandise to purchase after the opening of this film.