The third and final day of Monsterpalooza offered a tremendous array of presentations in addition to the various celebrity guests and exhibitors that were present for the entire weekend. First up in the Monsterpalooza Main Stage was the second part of Saturday’s “Making Apes” presentation.

Sunday’s panel featured a sneak peek at the upcoming “Making Apes” documentary directed by William Conlin. Moderated by Conlin, the panel featured make-up effects artists Tom Burman and Vincent Van Dyke, Lou Wagner (Lucius, “Planet of the Apes”), Bobby Porter (Cornelius, “Battle For The Planet of the Apes”), Matt Winston (Stan Winston School), film expert Scott Essman. Next to take the stage was a presentation previewing the new Dean Devlin-directed thriller “Bad Samaritan”. Starring David Tennant (Marvel’s “Jessica Jones”), the film tells the story of a killer who targets a valet after stumbling across his dark secret.

The panel featured a discussion with director Dean Devlin, as well as writer Brandon Boyce, actor Carlito Olivero, and FX artist Christina Kortum. The next panel was a delight for long-time horror fans as it previewed the highly-anticipated reboot of the Puppet Master franchise, titled “Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich”. In attendance were stars Barbara Crampton, Thomas Lennon, Michael Pare, and Jenny Pellicer. Also in attendance were make-up artist Tate Steinsiek and producer Dallas Sonnier. The next panel was a delight for all Angelenos as it focused on the attractions at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Moderated by John Murdy (Creative Director/Executive Producer) and Chris Williams (Art Director/Production Designer), the panel took a look at some of the attractions for the past as well as a few sneak peeks of what’s to come.

The panel culminated in a grand prize giveaway for front-of-the-line passes as well as a one-of-a-kind behind the scenes tour of the event. Next to take the stage was a presentation focusing of the special effects of this year’s Best Picture Oscar Winner, “The Shape of Water”. The panel was moderated by creature designers Mike Hill and Shane Mahan, who offered a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of Doug Jones’ “creature” suit. Finally, the panels of Monsterpalooza 2018 culminated with a horror legend, Kane Hodder (“Friday the 13th” Parts VII-X), as he spoke with director Derek Dennis Herbert about their acclaimed documentary “To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story”. The documentary focuses on the life of Hodder, who had a career as a stuntman before taking on the role of fan-favorite serial killer “Jason” in the smash hit “Friday the 13th” franchise. Monsterpalooza’s second annual convention, “Son of Monsterpalooza” will be mounted in Burbank this fall.