Magellan TV Celebrates D-Day With New Series

    Exclusive playlist invites viewers to step into the boots of our nation’s “Greatest heroes," to commemorate the 75 Anniversary of D-Day.

    MagellanTV has drawn upon a global effort mounted by documentary filmmakers in the last few years to document and reconstruct key moments of the Second World War, from the experiences of soldiers to the hair-trigger decisions made by global leaders.

    The “Greatest Heroes” features dramatic stories ranging from “Hedgerow Hell” and “Angels of Victory” about the Normandy Invasion, to “The Last Heroes,” profiles of veterans who bore the burden of defending the free world.

    The aim of this programming initiative is to take viewers into the lives of soldiers who boarded landing craft bound for sniper-swept beaches in Normandy, paratroopers who dropped in the dark of night behind enemy lines, foot soldiers who set up on bridges to confront the onslaught of Nazi tank divisions.

    On the 75th anniversary of the fateful summer of 1944, according to MagellanTV co-founder Greg Diefenbach, “It’s important to remember the accomplishments and the commitment of America’s ‘Greatest Generation’ and the Allied soldiers… how and why they fought, what they went through, and what they have to teach us today.”