Luke Cage Returns! Season 2 Episode 1 Review


Luke Cage is back! Easily one of Marvel’s best Netflix shows it is nice to see Luke get back into the spotlight. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The world has changed for Luke Cage since season one. Not only is he now totally aware of people with other abilities living in the city but he’s fought against real evil. Unlike most other superheroes in the city though, he isn’t keeping his persona a secret. With a following and his own gift shop inside Pop’s old barbershop he now has the attention of Harlem, and all that comes with it.

He also has the affection of Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), standing by his side and attempting to be a sidekick in any way she can. But Luke isn’t a fan and prefers to work alone, putting her out of danger. Most of the first episode shows Luke embracing his heroic side far more than most of the Marvel universe, except maybe Peter Parker. There’s selflessness to Cage that really comes through in the show. Yes, he’s bulletproof but he constantly runs into danger regardless of the consequences (most of the time).

Marvel’s Luke Cage

The world has made him out to be some kind of a god or inner city messiah. Instead of shying from it he has come to embrace his role in the spotlight. When we first meet him he’s given up space on his now iconic hoodie for sponsorship, but worries it’s making him more of a target since the bad guys now have something to aim for when they shoot.

Luke Cage might the one show where when we catch up with our main characters after a season away everyone seems to be…happy. And to the writer’s credit they are allowed to stay happy for at least the first episode. Even the bad guys.

It should be noted that though the first episode is very well done pacing still seems to be an issue. A new bad guy is introduced but he’s so far out of on the fringes he barely registers. Not only that some of the music is a bit too on the nose. It is kind of cool to have a song called Night Nurse play while Luke is making love to Claire but it takes it just feels unnecessary. This is Marvel though, so while it may not be perfect, it still worth sticking with until the end.