Lost in Space Ep 5 ‘Transmission’: “Bravery without intelligence is a risky proposition.”


So finally the still-unnamed planet has more people on it, than just the Robinsons and their dubious guests.

The other survivors of the various Jupiter spaceships crashing are of course banding together to maximize their survivability, and the people leader that no-one voted for is giving the various groups their assignments. The main objective right now is to build a light tower and signal the Resolute, still out there in space and still looking for them all.

Mama Bear, also known as Maureen Robinson, has some really awful suspicions about the unnamed planet and consequently just has to go off on her own to get some high-altitude weather and planet-wide readings. The problem is, if you’re trying to do all this stuff alone, no-one’s there to help you when/if the unexpected happens, like a giant gust of wind that decides to steal your high-altitude weather balloon and latch it onto your leg on its way out, whee!

Smith is smarming her way around and through the camps, mostly focusing on the Robinsons and Will in particular, because as she’s learned, Will controls the Robot and Smith has decided she needs the Robot too. Given what previous episodes revealed about Lady Smith’s history, it makes sense that she wouldn’t want the Resolute to have any part of rescuing the crashed folks on the planet, but the lengths to which she goes to stop it are pretty cruel.

In fact, Smith goes far beyond attempting to undermine things by coercing the Robinsons into various actions by talking to them, to deliberate sabotage of the entire survivor encampment. The light tower is pretty, attracts curious moths, can be seen for miles in any direction and should be clearly visible to the Resolute out there in space. Matter of fact, the light tower attracts a rather large dinosaur-like predator, and since Smith disabled the perimeter fence, well it can feel free to just rampage through the camp.

Like so many other things Lady Smith does, the subtle multiple calculations she made in disabling the perimeter fence has more than one purpose, made abundantly clear when Smith goes to convince Will to call the Robot back from his cave and save them all. Convincing a small person to abandon their silly notions of all life being sacred is much easier when the lives of those he cares about is at stake, and a bright red multi-armed weapon of massive destruction is right there, willing and able to obey orders. There is definitely no getting rid of the Robot now.

Which might actually be a foregone conclusion, because what Maureen discovered up there in the atmosphere is going to kill all the survivors, sooner rather than later. And as she remembers being willing to do literally anything to make sure she and all her children, even the ones who can’t pass the tests, would be going on this trip to Alpha Centauri, the irony is not lost on her. Because the Robinsons and everyone else need to get off the unnamed planet as soon as fracking possible!

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