‘Lost in Space’ Ep 3 ‘Infestation’: “And I’m never eating unagi again!”


Welcome back aboard the, what number was it again, Jupiter 2 I think it was, and the trials and tribulations of the Robinsons and their guests!

The Robinsons have their own internal and external issues, as always, but this episode begins with Lady Smith’s background, at least parts of it. The Harris sisters obviously have all kinds of issues with each-other too, but Jess at least seems to be willing to let bygones-be- bygones with June. And that’s likely because Jess has gotten herself into the Alpha Centauri project and will be quitting Earth, so she offers everything she’s leaving behind to her sister June, who seems to take being tossed cast-offs rather badly. Jess is successful enough to get into Alpha Centauri, but June is clever and resourceful enough to strike first, and take her sisters place!

Back on the Jupiter 2, Mama Bear Maureen and soldier dad John are at odds with each-other, as they often are, over the disposition of the ship and the mental health of their children. Judy is obviously suffering from PTSD after her ordeal with the ice, who could blame her, and John, the one person with the most experience in these matters, is concerned that Mo frankly hasn’t even noticed. Will is of course having nightmares from his Robot-vision and concerns with the Robot him-itself, but nothing and no-one will stop the Robot from protecting Will from any and all dangers. And Penny, well, she has as yet to really freak out, but that all changes when the outside bad guys of this episode manifest.

The Robinsons need to get that darned ship out of the ice as the ground around them continues to disintegrate, and to make matters worse, the dwindling fuel tanks have been infected with eels, that’s right, eels that apparently feed on what their fuel is made of. Alien spaceship-fuel-eating eels, wandering through the pipes all through the ship and attacking when our heroes get themselves mistakenly covered in fuel liquid.

This is an instance where John Robinson begins to shine, because the sheer physical effort it takes him to wrestle down each individual eel and kill it dead, is pretty staggering. We have to remember, that John wasn’t missing from so many Robinson family activities by choice – it was because back on Earth he was a soldier, and as the planet begins to degrade, he has to go out and help keep the peace as best he may, which usually means kicking a bunch of degenerate ass.

Will wants to help his family, but the Robot very much has other ideas, so when the Jupiter begins listing from planet issues, Will finds himself locked in a storeroom with a sneaky Dr. Smith, who was inevitably preparing to disappear herself. Even after the eels are dealt with, the ship is out from under degrading ground and more or less in one piece elsewhere, the Robot thinks his friend Will Robinson needs more protection, so he/it goes and does something very naughty. And potentially lethal.

Poor Will understands the Robot’s desire to protect him, but his respect for life flares first and that surreptitiously printed gun gets a hasty hiding. Sadly, the one person we really did not want to see that, did in fact watch, from her hiding place around the corner, which is after all a Smith trademark.

The comms are now working and everyone about the Jupiter 2 is all kinds of excited about hearing from the Resolute, the original mega transport ship that was supposed to take the to Alpha Centauri. Except perhaps the nefarious Dr. Smith, who as we all learned from the beginning of this episode, isn’t any kind of Doctor or Smith at all.

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