‘Lost in Space’ Ep 2 ‘Diamonds in the Sky’: Seriously guys, what’s with the chicken?


Hey, remember how there was no Dr. Smith anywhere to be found in the first episode? You’re in luck because a good deal of the first half of episode two deals almost exclusively with that character! Sort of. Onward we go.

So Don West (Ignacio Serricchio), Doc Smith, and yes, Debbie the chicken, have survived the bad landing of the Jupiter 14. Tam Roughneck wasn’t so lucky, but West can’t let that slow him down, so off the three of them trudge to try and find other survivors. Finding Angela Goddard (Silbongile Mlambo) badly hurt but still alive, they eventually have to take refuge from a nasty incoming storm. Some time Smith goes off alone, ostensibly to look for help.

We’ve all been observing the female Dr. Smith for a bit now, watching her manipulate people and things towards some nebulous personal goal, very indicative of the original Dr. Smith character, and it’s going rather well, I thought. For those of you who are tearing your hair out trying to remember where you’ve seen Lady Smith, Parker Posey, recall the third Blade Trinity movie, in which she played the lady leader of Dracula’s vampires, Danica Talos. Her unique style and mannerisms bring a fresh take on the villainous Dr. Smith character, great for this new Lost In Space take.

On the flip side, the Robot has proven to be a very useful person-thing, getting the Jupiter 2 out of the ice as he’s doing. Will and the Robot have become good friends already, but this actually serves to be a problem when a few Robinsons discover the ship the Robot came from, and Will and the Robot share a very disturbing revelation of a vision. Will is quick to grasp the implications of such knowledge, but like all Robinsons can keep a secret too. For a little while, anyway.

That same sandstorm that caught West and Angela out decides to catch the out-and-about Robinsons out too, so nothing would do but for Penny to get behind the wheel of a rover to come save them, like a no-license-having badass. Don West and poor Debbie and yes Angela too, they’re in no condition to signal the land rover even when they see it, but Lady Smith can. Especially since she stole the flare gun that West was saving to get him and them rescued, isn’t that so very Doc Smith of her? And thus did Dr. Smith meet the Robinsons and the Robot. Their worlds will never be the same again.

And for you original Lost In Space trivia buffs, pay close attention to the guy who gives Smith his jacket, in the best Easter egg tribute ever!

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