Looking Back: The Best of C2E2 2018


With summer in full swing That’s My Entertainment is taking a look back at how it all began, with C2E2 in Chicago. The annual convention brought together millions of pop culture fanatics from all over the country in a celebration of everything from movies and podcasts to comic books and blogs. Below are just some of our favorite moments from last year’s show.

  1. A Guardians of Galaxy Reunion

Dave Bautista hit the stage with his co-star Sean Gunn to talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The panel was a huge hit with fans old and new and you could just sense the passion each has for their roles.

  1. Adult Swim Presents FLCL

The cast and creators of the anime FLCL talked about the evolution of the series and had a fascinating Q&A with fans. It was an anime lover’s dream.

  1. A Meeting of the Minds

Comic book legends Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar took over the large ballroom to discuss their respective careers. As two of the most influential names in the comic book industry it was a must-see for everyone attending.

  1. The Crown Championship of Cosplay

C2E2 has always been about the fans and the cosplay competition puts the spotlight on them, as it should be. Last year’s competition brought out some of the finest cosplayers in the country all of which proved they have what it takes to create some truly masterful work.

  1. Getting to Know the Cast of Critical Role

Critical Role has elevated the world of Dungeons and Dragons to new levels and the fans came out to show their support as the cast talked about what goes into their campaigns and their love of the game. For newbies and veterans of D&D it was a truly great experience.