“Longshot” is the Underdog Comedy We Need


What do you get when you mix the raunchiness of Seth Rogen and the elegance of Charlize Theron sprinkled with politics and pop culture? You get a well-rounded Rom-Com!

Seth Rogen plays controversial journalist Fred Flarsky, who quit his job because the independent paper he was working for was sold to a big media conglomerate. After his best friend Lance played by O’Shea Jackson Jr. gets the news, he invites him to a party to cheer him up. This is where he sees his high school crush, Charlotte Fields played by Charlize Theron, who is now Secretary of State. The chance encounter brings them together as she needs a writer for her Presidential campaign.

Politics and comedy is a rather black-and-white combo, it’s either bold and tasteful or awkward and cringeworthy. And on rare occasions it’s a bold attempt that is awkward and cringeworthy, yet somehow tasteful; Long Shot is one of these occasions.

I found myself laughing from beginning to end. The chemistry between the two co-stars Rogen and Theron is a definite highlight. I wasn’t sure the duo would work well together, but I’ll admit Theron pulled the weight on this one stepping into Rogen’s environment and adapting elegantly. She can dish out dirty jokes and F-bombs just as well as her co-star.

The on-screen friendship Rogen’s character Fred Flarsky has with his best friend Lance played by O’Shea Jackson Jr. is also an unforgettable highlight. Jackson Jr. does well in the comedy realm and their back and forth banter is excellent. The entire supporting cast seemed to jive well together the whole film, all while taking a stab at our political system, our media sources, and several other issues taking place currently in our country.

That’s right, you get a grade A rom-com with meaning; albeit littered with sex, drugs, and some European techno.