Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 Ep 7 ‘The Hostile Hospital’ Part 1: From Acne to Zinc Deficiency


It totally makes sense, in the world of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events that is, that the firetruck our Baudelaire orphans stole to escape in, would break down right near the Last Chance General Store, out here in the Hinterlands. SPOILERS AHEAD! READERS BEWARE.

And by sheerest most not amazing coincidence, that’s where Count Olaf and his actor cronies, and Esme too, have appeared, on their never-ending quest for that Baudelaire fortune. Or rather, that’s what Olaf wants, because as Esme keeps reminding us, she already has a fortune and just wants that damnable stolen sugarbowl!

One might assume, after far too many acronyms that turned out to be nothing, that our Baudelaires would be less than thrilled about joining yet another group calling themselves VFD. And indeed, the van labeled VFD is full of eternally-cheerful singing Volunteers, who are going to Heimlich Hospital to foist their own brand of medicine on the patients there. Heimlich Hospital is home to the Library of Records, and there’s very little the Baudelaire children love more than information, and books, so it’s to the hospital we go!

Meet Babs, Heimlich Hospital administrator, head of human resources and the party planning committee, and sufferer of panic attacks when the proper paperwork isn’t filed correctly. Somehow she accepts the idea that Olaf is this yet another new disguise, Dr. Matathias Medical School, and the folk with him are varied associates, including Esme in her BDSM nurses outfit. The children manage to find Hal, keeper of the Library of Records, before anyone else does, and make very trustworthy friends with him in a very short time.

The troubling thing is, especially after a Jacques Snicket film reel file comes down the chute that the Baudelaires just have to watch, in order to expeditiously get to the records, they have to steal Hal’s keys. And like any properly raised children, they despair at the idea of misleading an adult who treated them so genuinely kindly.

Remember how Esme keeps saying all she wants is that damnable sugar bowl? Somehow changing her outfit for a Cruella look and destroying the Library of Records to get at Violet, while Klaus and Sunny look on from their hiding places aghast, isn’t really going to help anything, but Esme never was one for tons of forethought. But, we did learn that the missing sugarbowl was originally stolen by Lemony Snicket himself, which raises all kinds of interesting questions about the Baudelaire-Snicket past.

Come again to chase those miserable orphans in The Hostile Hospital Part 2, on Netflix now!