‘Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Season 2 Ep 6 ‘The Vile Village’ Part 2: A Beautiful Cloud of Dust


Welcome back to the really fowl town of VFD, those wacky villagers who have a rule against darn near everything, the Baudelaire orphans they adopted to take care of all of their chores, the latest guise of the dastardly Count Olaf and his gang of intrepid actors, and even his girlfriend Esme Squalor!

Accusing children of murder isn’t cool, daddy-o, but doo-wopping your detected way through it to the amazement of villagers and gawking visitors alike somehow kinda is, my man. And these villagers and onlookers, especially Mr. Poe and his squealing reporter of a wife, they’re easily led into believing whatever The Law tells them.

Our Baudelaire trio have managed to keep their stuff together for the most part the whole time this seemingly eternal series of unfortunate events has been going on, but as Klaus said, being imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit in preparation for being burned at the stake as punishment, seems a bit harsh for a happy birthday.

The couplets by Isadora that Hector brought may not only bring a smile back to Klaus and all the Baudelaire children, but finally, finally get the Quagmire kids rescued! Just in time to get chased by the angry villager mob, but still.

The Self-Sustaining Hot Air Mobile Home is taking off (couldn’t they have come up with a better acronym than that?) with Hector, the Quagmires are about to finally escape, but that angry mob led by an ersatz officer and a dumbass detective are hot on their heels!

The killing, or even wounding, of a crow within the village limits is against rule number one, and as Esme keeps saying, she doesn’t need a damn fortune anyway, she began this nonsense with one! She wants a sugarbowl, and despite that entirely not being what Count Olaf wants, everything lies in the direction the escaping Baudelaires are going, so, after that stolen firetruck!

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