‘Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Season 2 Ep 4 ‘The Ersatz Elevator Part 2’: No more parsley sodas!


What to do, what to do, when you’ve found a pair of missing triplets down an elevator shaft in a cage, that technically isn’t supposed to exist at all? Our Baudelaires are wondering the same thing, and things have gotten even weirder if that was possible here at #667 Dark Avenue!

We all knew the Squalors are an ironic couple, starting with that putrescent name and ending with Esme’s obsession with IN vs. OUT, but the cake is really sniffed when Esme confesses to whom she’s really in love with and working for, with, well kind of both. Because being a high fashion consultant can’t be all Gunters good for now, can it?

Boy, it’s an even better thing that all three of the Baudelaires are smart, capable, and at this point I really have to ask, why do they need guardians again? Sunny has yet more insane teeth growing in and now a good range of secretarial skills, Klaus has found his courage and is exercising it way more often, and all Violet needs is a proper hair tie and she can make damn near anything, like MacGuyver.

Well anyway, Sunny teethes her way out the ersatz elevator shaft and goes about gathering the things her siblings need to make their escape, proving yet again when confronted by Hook-hander there that the Baudelaires can easily outsmart all comers. And it’s off through the weird tunnels that lead out of #667 Dark Avenue, to a completely unexpected and absolutely devastated familiar location at one of the other ends.

Meanwhile elsewhere, our antagonists are placing their red herrings about the board, and preparing for a very super special auction to begin. Lot 41 in particular, a large box with V.F.D. printed on it, has everyone chasing their tails to determine what’s insane and take possession before anyone else can!

Somehow or another, our three favorite orphans are always surrounded by all kinds of familiar faces, and the ultimate auction is no different. Mr. Poe and his Daily Punctilio reporter wife are there, Esme and Jerome Squalor and Gunter of course, yes, but also Jacques Snicket and Olivia Caliban, secretary Jacqueline and Larry Your-waiter, the sinister acting troupe that belongs to Count Olaf, and even some other recognizable faces in the crowd, fully enjoying their own storylines running simultaneously while enjoying sampling the Baudelaire tribulations too. And what’s in the box, Lot 41, already?

It’s never that easy, I tell you what. All the parsley soda in the world can’t stop a red herring if the bad guys are trying hard enough. And Jerome proves himself to be too much of a coward to even try, which is a shame, because the Baudelaire orphans have come to at least appreciate Jerome, who lovingly explains he knew their mother when she was young. Jacques Snicket went after the actual red herring, and our Baudelaire children are off to an actual town known as V.F.D., so who knows what the future holds for everyone!

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