Kick Off The Summer Right With F9 The Fast Saga


After being in lockdown for eighteen months during a worldwide pandemic, there is nothing like a good summer blockbuster movie. This movie would have to contain all the elements;  fast cars, hand to hand combat, crazy stunts, and the reunion of family.

F9 is that perfect movie after such a tumultuous event. The story begins as Dom and and Letty live a secluded life on a farm with his son.  Dom is enjoying his time as a dad when a vehicle pulls up out of nowhere. The visitors are Dom’s old crew ( Tej, Roman and Ramsey) with a mysterious message from an old ally; Mr Nobody.

After careful research by the crew, Dom realizes that the mastermind behind all the trouble is non other than his estranged brother Jakob (played by John Cena).  Dom needs to find out what his brother is up to and stop his plan while dealing with an old family skeleton in the closet.

Justin Lin, who directed the third, fourth, fifth and sixth movies, returned to the helm and gave us what we always expect in an action with Vin Diesel.  It was really nice to see everyone from prior films make an appearance including Gal Gadot.  The reappearance of Han wasn’t a lame supernatural circumstance fit wonderfully in the overall story. Even Paul Walker fans get a nod to the late actor.

The one thing to remember in this movie is just that.  It’s a movie.  Trying to compare the physics of cars being picked up by magnets and swinging on old tattered ropes to real life is  ridiculous and if you are doing that you really aren’t into the story. The main point is to entertain and if you aren’t enthralled by all the stunts, the comedy antics of Tej and Roman, or the use of a Pontiac Fiero as a weapon then this definitely isn’t the movie you are waiting for.

Overall rating 9/10

Rating for Adult situation, Violence and Language