Kevin Smith’s “HOLLYWEED” Pilot Debuts; Begins Crowdfunding Campaign!

The sweet smell of purple haze is wafting over Los Angeles as Kevin Smith has just released his previously-shelved comedy TV pilot, “Hollyweed”.

Written and Directed by Smith, “Hollyweed” tells the story of Pete (Smith) and Nipsey (Donnell Rawlings); two marijuana dispensary clerks that spend their days growing, selling, and smoking cannabis in the heart of Hollywood.
The first episode bears a striking resemblance to Smith’s first film, Clerks, in that it follows a day in the life of two slackers jockeying a register at a small retail haven. However, things take a quick turn when Pete is coerced into making a home delivery to what turns out to be the set of a pornographic film. After Pete is introduced to the film’s eccentric star, Janet aka “Brookline Mass” (Frankie Shaw), the two light up and begin to philosophize on life, morality, and the movie, “Ant-Man”.
Smith’s clever, pop-culture-infused dialogue never fails to impress, but the true treat of this series is getting to see him perform what he wrote. Smith has acted in the majority of his films, but only as the character Silent Bob, who is very true to his namesake and barely ever speaks. “Hollyweed” provides fans the opportunity to see Smith really cut lose and display his acting chops as a lead for the first time since 2005’s “Catch & Release”.
The hilarious pilot episode is now available on Rivit TV. Rivit TV is a new online platform designed to completely cater to the fans. After placing the first episode of a series online for free, fans can then decide if they would like to pledge funding for an entire season. Pledges range from $1.99 to $5.99 per episode and not a single backer is charged until the goal is met. Also, the more people that pledge, the less the individual ends up paying in the long run. In short, the fate of “Hollyweed” is completely up to the fans.
Watch the pilot and pledge for the first season of “Hollyweed” here:
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