Kevin Smith Directing New Horror Film


Earlier this week, filmmaker Kevin Smith announced via Facebook Live that he is currently shooting a new horror anthology film in the vain of his previous venture, Holidays.

Currently titled Kilroy Was Here, the movie is the spawn of an older script written by Smith and his “Edumacation” podcast co-host, Andrew Mcelfresh titled Comes the Krampus. Comes the Krampus was originally set to explore the ancient folklore of Krampus, a half-goat, half-demon creature sent to punish misbehaving children during the Christmas holidays; much in contrast to Santa Claus. Of course, with this creature already having been explored in Universal’s 2015 film, Krampus, Smith and Mcelfresh’s script was shelved.

Smith revealed that he revisited the script when he was told about the film program at Ringling College of Art & Design, located in Sarasota, FL. Smith having previously spoken at the school, learned that several artists including Dylan McDermott and Justin Long have filmed some their own projects with the students of Ringling.

Using his “Manufacture for Use” philosophy, Smith re-worked the script to instead focus on Kilroy, another character brought forth during World War II. Kilroy isn’t so much a legend of folklore as he is a popular subject of graffiti. His figure consists of a bald head with an abnormally long nose peering over a wall. It’s hard to say exactly where Smith will take this character, but if Tusk and Yoga Hosers are any indicator it’s safe to say the film will provide over-the-top scares, thrills, and maybe even a few laughs.