Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Lands on Blu-Ray


The fifth Jurassic Park movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has landed on blu-ray and is ready to tell the world its secrets.

To its credit the film actually works a lot more on the small screen than it did on the big screen. When it first came out there were such high expectations that it was hard to appreciate it for what it was: a good time at the movies.

For some reason the clarity of the dinosaurs really comes through on blu-ray and, in fact, seem quite a bit scarier. This may have to do with the claustrophobic aspect of the movie which can be really felt at home as opposed to the big screen. The action feels much more personal and the stakes higher.

One thing that instantly becomes clear though is just how tied to the larger Jurassic universe Fallen Kingdom really is, right from the start. Not just in the details of the film, like the models and pictures which become clearer to the viewer but in the special features. There are maybe a dozen special features on the blu-ray but more than half of them involve Steven Spielberg and make a direct reference to the first Jurassic Park.

One assumes that Spielberg was more of a passive element in the creation of the movie but that’s not at all the case. While not directing the special features confirm he had his hand in almost all of it right from the start. Yet watching him show just how proud of the result makes a difference to the viewer too. After all the series will always be his baby, knowing he’s a proud father means he trusts in the new directors and the direction the franchise is going.

Fallen Kingdom is a tricky beast. Taken on its own it’s not that great a film. It has a lot of flaws and seems almost campy at points, especially in the third act. But the special features confirm it was always meant to be the second part of a trilogy and that makes a difference. Without spoiling it the  end justifies the means. The third part of the Jurassic World trilogy is going to truly break new ground in a way that it didn’t feel like Fallen Kingdom accomplished.

After time the luxury of hindsight it’s clear that Fallen Kingdom will be remembered as the Last Jedi of the Jurassic series. It has its moments but it will be forever polarizing.