It’s Time for Animaniacs! REBOOT


The Warner brothers and sister are coming back to television through the efforts of Amblin Entertainment, Warner Brothers Animation and possibly a helping hand from Steven Spielberg. This show was a staple in my childhood andhad some valuable resources for learning things similar to Schoolhouse Rock.

Being away from us for 20 years, is it possible that Yakko, Wakko and Dot will be able to recollect their no-nonsense Three Stooges style of comedy with a host of their comic compadres? I hope so. According to Indiewire, most of the voices will be returning.

There are a few essential characters this fan is hoping to relive her precious childhood with including the following.

The Good Feathers
This great adaptation of the classic mob characters and some movie legends can’t be beat. My most favorite scene is “The Godpidgeon”.

Rita and Runt
I loved her singing voice and the crazy things they got into. This unlikely union of a dog and a cat is a heartwarming piece in this crazy world of the Warners. They even parodied famous musicals like Les Miserable.

Pink and the Brain
If they don’t bring these two back, I’m not sure how interested I’ll be. It’s like having a dessert without the whipped cream. Let’s reminice our childhood with the intro!

Yakko, Wakko and Dot
You can’t have the Animaniacs without the Warners. Absolutely not. Plus you learn a whole lot from the skits they do. Here is one of the famous ones teaching you the counties of the world!

There is no set date yet for when the show is to appear on television but you can be sure there will be plenty of expectations to resurrect this show from the vault.

What are you expecting from the return of Animaniacs? Comment below.