“Isn’t It Romantic” Is the Perfect Date Night Rental


Overview: Natalie is disconnected from love as she’s convinced that men don’t “see” her because she’s not a beautiful swimsuit model. This anti-rom- com is about the silliness of “chick flicks” and the power of finding love when you learn to love yourself.

Cons: I don’t really have any negative thoughts on this movie, it is certainly cheesy and pokes fun at most popular love stories but it is done in a way that you can laugh at without feeling like a bully. I wish there was more of a back -story on just how Natalie becomes so jaded, we see her as a little girl in the beginning and then… nothing. I guess it’s just up to us to imagine what happened to make her so cynical.

Pros: I loved it. It was funny and quirky with lots of well-intentioned snark. Rebel Wilson crushes this role as the anti-romance girl with the body image issues. She’s funny and smart and of course, goofy. Her ability to take even the most ridiculous scene and make it bearable is the key to making this movie so good. I feel like if they had cast anyone else for this role, it would have been a flop.

You can’t take it seriously because it highlights all of the ridiculous things that most love story movies like to shove down our throats; expecting us to believe that is how true love actually works in real life. The musical score is fantastic and the cast really nails the corny “meet cute” followed by the “fall out” ending with the huge “AHA “ moment.

Brandon Scott Jones is Donny, the aloof neighbor that is transformed into her gay BFF. He’s brilliant! I love that they pointed out that this was a stereotype and they really drive that point home showing the viewers that this isn’t what real life is necessarily like.

I will say that I absolutely loved Adam Devine (Josh) in this! He was so damn good at being the “good guy” that is completely overlooked by his crush. It was refreshing to watch him play a character that wasn’t 100% slap- stick. He’s funny and smart and his chemistry with Rebel Wilson makes this well worth your time.


I do not like romance movies at all, never saw The Notebook and never will. Having said that; this movie is absolutely worth your time. Watch it with your friends with lots of wine.

Then tweet about it and watch it again. You won’t regret it!