InterGalactiCon: Free Your Fandom


The first Intergalacticon was held at the San Diego Town and Country Hotel’s convention center during a perfect partially sunny day.  This was my first experience with this event company, so I was not expecting much for a first year.

My first pleasant surprise was that parking was relatively cheap. It was seven dollars for all day with in and out privileges.  As a con goer that is exciting for me. It saves on the budget and allows me flexibility with my schedule.

There was ample parking above and below the convention center. Although parking in the lower lot poses a slight problem for those who may be disabled. The handicap access to the upper level was an older elevator that didn’t quite look safe. Otherwise a spiral staircase took eager con goers above to the fantastic banner set in front of the clearly defined registration desk.

Another fantastic point where the registration desk is always the hardest thing to find to pick up your entry badge to take part in the festivities. The registration staff were courteous and very helpful. Everything was laid out clearly and the Local Star Wars prop masters were on the side to greet fans with a backdrop of the Death Star and imperial troopers.

The day started out with an informative keynote from Claudia Christian, who you may remember from Babylon 5. She has also voiced many characters in popular video games and animated series.

I spent most of my time in the dealer room where there were a few retailers selling anime figurines, a few cosplayers and some photo backdrops, where the fans can get pictures of themselves with an alien or a gundam.


There were also couches and other places of seating available, so people can rest as well as get together and discuss their finds among the various shops. A cosplay repair room was also available for fans.

One of the highlights of my day was to see the first three episodes of the new series, Legend of the Kickmaster.  Fans were able to get up close and personal with a few of the actors, composer and the director.  More on that in a later article.

Con food was mostly catered hotel fare and not too badly priced. The parking in and out privileges allowed fans to leave and come back for more.

There was plenty of space to relax, watch a saber fight or two or just hang out with your friends. There was a gaming room with a few PC’s set up and several tables to put up tabletop games or run mini tournaments.  There were also a few demos in the room for new games.

For the first year of this convention it wasn’t a bad experience and hoping to see it grow in the years to come. It is quite family friendly and a great place to spend the weekend.