Here Lies Joe


Release date: April 2016
Director: Mark Battle
Written By: Mark Battle
Produced by: Sweven Films
Stars: Dean Temple, Andi Morrow

Joe, Joe Joe. Why is life full of more down than up? The short opens with Joe attempting to take his life, where you have different shots to show you a reflection on the life he had.

Joe, a sad and depressed man attends a suicide support group. On his first day, he learns that in the group, they lost someone. Then there is Z,  a capricious young lady, with the desire of having the most perfect suicide. What are suicide addicts???

However, when you look at her, you think, What? She wants to kill herself? But why? Her demeanor and personality is too rambunctious to end such a young life.

Joe and Z go for a ride. Okay, she basically bombards him with a ride and their destination, a cemetery. The oddest of places to go with someone, you just meet. Creepy much? As they go through the cemetery, Z talks about some of the people who passed away and are buried there. Z has an interesting affinity to death. You can see she struggles with it. Where with Joe, he is just ready to give up. It’s written on his face. Even more, as he lies in front of a gravestone, marked Joseph.

I think the turning point in this short is when Joe and Z talk on the phone, while they each prepare to take their own lives. Joe asks her why she wants to kill herself. A valid question. Though her answer, I didn’t think it was a good reason. However, it was a memorable reason.

I think this is a positive film on suicide prevention. Suicide is not focused on one person or religion or race. It doesn’t discriminate by any means.