Hawkeye Goes Out in Style


The season finale of the far too short Hawkeye series still managed to go out with a bang in a way that will leave fans anxious for the next chapter of the MCU. Within the span of six episodes, the series managed to not only introduce us to new characters but drop some bombshells along the way.

Hawkeye might be the one show where what wasn’t shown on screen is just as important as what was shown. For instance, no one really knows the outcome of the Echo’s final confrontation with Kingpin. A single shot was fired but there was nobody shown. It would be a shame to re-introduce Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and then kill him off so quickly. I’m betting he will show up in a much larger capacity in the Hawkeye spinoff series Echo coming next year.

Then there’s the case of the watch. The McGuffin was talked about on and off again throughout the series although there never seemed to be any real urgency behind it. It turns out it was just to reveal that Hawkeye’s wife is most likely the hero known as Mockingbird. This is a nice little twist to Clint’s past and ties up well with the comics though in the grand scheme of things it probably wasn’t necessary. Three’s a chance it will be used in the future but since the show feels like Jeremy Renner’s way of retiring the character that’s unlikely,

If we’re being honest the best parts of the show were in its little moments. Literally, any interaction between Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) and Yelena (Florence Pugh) was magic. They desperately need to find a way to team up either in a movie or a TV show. If Marvel was smart they would take advantage of the Young Avengers team they seem to be setting up and let the two-run wild in a TV show. Their chemistry is through the roof.

Vincent D’Onforio’s return as Kingpin (the same week as Charlie Cox’s return as Matt Murdock) was enough to add a ton of weight to the show (no pun intended). Kingpin is a major heavy hitter and watching Kate go head-to-head with him proved she’s no amateur.

If anything, Hawkeye is a transitionary show. It will work as a launching point for future franchises within the MCU both immediate and long term. If this is, as many suspect, the swan song of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye then it was a great way to go.