“Fuller House” Returns to Netflix for Season 3!


On Friday, Dec. 22, the highly-anticipated second half of the third season of Fuller House lands on Netflix. It’s like your present came a little early this year. Being released almost perfectly timed with your holiday leave from work.

The first episode sees us picking up right where we left off, with the Tanner/Gibbler clan arriving in Japan for Steve’s wedding. Tensions are still in full force between D.J. and Steve who undoubtedly still possess feelings for one another, despite their engagements to other people.

As the episode progresses we are treated to our favorite characters traveling several famous Tokyo landmarks including “Hello Kitty Land”, a theme park dedicated to the popular “Hello Kitty” franchise. While the writing of this episode is fairly predictable and corny, it doesn’t stray from the typical Full House theme of being honest with one’s feelings.

Filled with laughs, cameos by John Stamos and Marius Yo, and a resolution guaranteed to satisfy fans of the original “Full House”, this season of Fuller House is not to be missed.