Comic-Con 2017: Kevin Smith Brings “Fatman on Batman” to SDCC




One of the best parts of attending San Diego Comic-Con is all the thrilling side-attractions and after parties that take place just mere blocks away from the Convention Center. Some popular events that have become Comic-Con staples in the more recent years are the live podcasts of filmmaker and massive comic book fan, Kevin Smith. Smith took to the stage of the American Comedy Co. nearly every night of the con engaging in live shows of his regular podcasts “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” (with Jason Mewes), “Hollywood Babble-On” (with Ralph Garman), and “Fatman on Batman” (with Marc Bernardin).

The American Comedy Co.’s engagement of “Fatman on Batman” was truly special, seeing as its primarily evolved into a YouTube series and is so rarely presented live. However, how could one pass on the opportunity to have a Batman-themed podcast at the biggest comic book convention in the world?

After taking their spots on the cramped comedy club stage, Smith and Bernardin wished a happy Comic-Con to the audience and mused on all their adventures taking place at SDCC. Bernardin revealed he had been asked to moderate the “Lucifer” TV series panel as well as appear in a few others including the Top Cow Productions panel and Comic Book Movie Trivia. Smith had divulged that most of his Con was spent in the bay behind the convention center aboard the IMDboat. Returning to his role from last year as the boat’s “captain”, Smith conducted several interviews with the cast and creative teams of many upcoming films and TV shows including “Stranger Things”, “The Flash”, “The Defenders”, and “Blade Runner 2049”.

The two also spent the evening humorously musing and speculating on various upcoming comic book films and the gossip surrounding them, including whether or not Captain America will be killed in the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” and whether or not Ben Affleck may be remaining as Batman for the DC Extended Universe.

Overall, “Fatman on Batman” is a hilarious good time and should be viewed by all fans of anything comic book-related. Episodes of the popular show can be heard on or viewed at