Father Figures is the Comic Relief You Need this Holiday Season


The heart-felt comedy Father Figures, directed by Lawrence Sher, is just the right dose of comedic relief mixed with family cheer for the holiday season.

The story is about two twin brothers Peter and Kyle Reynolds, played by Ed Helms and Owen Wilson, and their quest to find their father who they were led to believe died long ago. The film progresses well using the complete opposite lifestyle’s of the brothers, Peter a successful but unhappy doctor and Kyle a free-spirited entrepreneur, to transition between scenes. The two comedy powerhouses, keep the jokes coming as both played characters similar to other roles they have played, which I believed helped the audience settle in with the duo right from the start.

The juice of the film’s comedy comes from the brothers’ lack of knowledge about the lustful and raunchy past of their mother, Helen, played by Glenn Close, which is laid out by each new encounter. Some great cameos from Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames, J.K. Simmons and Christopher Walken were the highlight of the movie.

But, I would say it was the way Helms and Wilson worked well with each other and their characters’ interactions through the many failures and misguidance on screen along the way wrap this film up into a top notch comedy. By the end, you’ll be just as anxious as the brothers’ to learn about the identity of their father, and just as happy with the film’s resolution.