Family Values Are Highlighted In A Delightful Animated Feature Called The Star


Every Holiday season we take out the old family movie collection. For those who celebrate the Christmas Holiday, it usually consists of something about the birth of Jesus. Many different versions of the same tale have been told for years, but most of them are told from the same point of view.

The Star was written from the point of view of the animals who were players in this important event; from the smallest mouse to the largest beast of burden.

The story is about a mill donkey named Boaz, played by Steven Yuen, who was tired of his mundane life and wanted to do something more than just grind grain. His elder, played by Kris Kristofferson discourages him from any thought of escaping his present life and should just accept it. His hope is always renewed by an entertaining wild dove named Dave, played by Keegan-Michael Key. The young donkey escapes and adventures off on his own with his feathered friend and meets up with Mary, a woman bearing child and her husband, Joseph.

We are also introduced to the camels of the three wise men and the story is also introduced from their point of view of how the wise men followed a star and ended up at the palace of Herod, only to find that the new king was not there. The camels were aware of the treachery of the jealous king and knew the importance of finding him before the King’s hunter did.

Boaz and Dave meet up with a young sheep named Ruth who was venturing to the glowing star in the sky and befriends the two explaining that she left her flock in search of something greater, but the journey was lonely. Offering her knowledge of the local environment the three friends traveled to Bethlehem together in search for Mary and the reason for the star.

The movie is a delightful new perspective on the old Nativity story and addresses a lot of themes that families are looking for in a film besides being entertaining. Like cartoons of old a lot of The Star contains themes of the importance of friendship, kindness and compassion, the evils of jealously, the importance of faith, and belief in one’s self. All these recurring themes make it a great family movie with a lot of DVD extras such as a sing along for the kids and for the parent’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the film.

Besides a celebrity cast, the star has brought in some familiar voices from the Disney camp including Zachary Levi from the popular film Tangled. Although it is the trend to cast celebrity voices, there is a fair amount of voice actors who add to the likeability of this time honored tale.

Children will be delighted to finally hear what that donkey next to the manger and what the camels carrying the three wise men really thought.