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Falling Skies Season 4 Finale

Falling Skies Season 4 Finale

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Channel: TNT

Creator: Robert Rodat

Review Rating: 7.5

Warning! Spoiler-laden review in progress!

So the 2nd Mass is finally all back together (more or less, especially after that Espheni attack in the ghettos), Tom Mason and Anne are finally married, and the desperate human survivors have a final, unlikely solution – fly to the moon.

Yes, I’m not kidding. And of course Tom Mason is insistent he be the one to go in the spaceship, everyone’s favorite history professor is just adamant that he has to go, despite the objections of every single last person around him. Anne argues with him, Weaver tries to reason with Tom, hell Pope even begs to be the one to do the right thing and save everyone, for once – and Tom isn’t having any of it. His sleight of hand in the lottery the survivors insisted on was a farce, but then we the audience knew that was going to happen. But wait, what am I talking about? Back up a second.

What’s left of the 2nd Mass is there in what’s left of the Chinatown refuge that was all but buried and burned out after Lexi came out of the cocoon a monster, murdered Lourdes, left to join her Espheni family, and then death from above rained from the skies. With me so far? Our survivors are struggling to continue to live, with alien insurrection still going on all around them, and eke out their own internal dramas – especially the ones concerning Maggie and her apparent fascination for the Mason men. But I digress! A crashed alien ship that the 2nd Mass calls for some reason a Beamer needs to be unearthed from the rubble and hey, since we’ve discovered that the Espheni power source is, in fact, on the moon, we’re going to somehow fly this tentacled rust-bucket there and save the planet!

This is the plan, and for an all-or-nothing plan, it’s a fairly good one. Despite the fact that Espheni ships have been designed to reject the Volm, which means Cochise can’t go, a thing he laments quite a bit. The Espheni are sending out their turn-humans-into-Skitters automated factories, which means whatever time there was left, is now gone and the 2nd Mass has to enact this final, bleak solution, knowing damn well it’s unlikely Tom and Ben will be making it back to earth alive. Goodbyes are being said, and suddenly the skies fill with Beamers, ready to rain more fiery death down on our survivors. But wait! From somewhere, energy beams are taking out the Beamers in the sky like a video game, and a red hooded cloak heralds a new arrival.

No, it’s not Melisandre. Lexi, in all her platinum-haired glory, has returned from her education time with her Espheni brethren, to flip to the human side once again. Because hey, what messianic halfbreed would want to learn that she’s the equivalent of an atom bomb that’s soon to be lobotomized by her well-meaning foster alien parental units? Lexi figured that out in just enough time to vaporize her Espheni father and hurry back to the human side of her parentage, to be greeted with “there’s no place for you here anymore, not after what you did”. Which, hey, is totally understandable of a reaction for the 2nd Mass and even her human parents to have, but let’s face it – Lexi being the hybrid she is, is really the best chance to get the stolen Beamer and its bomb to the moon. Ben gets dropped from the running, and Tom and Lexi take off, just as the skitter-to-human factory lands and begins dispensing glue-like fog and facehugger-like alien converters. What happens between Tom and Lexi, what happens to Tom and Lexi, and the poor remnants of the 2nd Mass, I will leave to the die-hard fans of the show to figure out. Since next season, Season 5 that is, will be the last Season of Falling Skies, it’s worth it to check out the entire series from start to finish.

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