Did Sony make Spider-Man: Homecoming King?


Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes. His onscreen career however, has been always been hit or miss.

For every Spider-Man 2 with Dr. Octopus, there’s an Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Electro just wanting a friend. Seriously, someone thought THAT was a good reason for a villain to become evil ? Well, after Spidey’s excellent appearance in Captain America: Civil War, there has been hope that we would see another solid outing from the web slinger.

Spider-Man’s villain game (at least on screen) has always fell a bit flat for me. This time though Micheal Keaton’s, The Vulture was awesome. His ruthlessness, ingenuity, and motivation for his evil ways is what I want in my villains. The way they wove his character in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was cool as it involved the aftermath of the first Avengers movie. With his company having it’s big government salvaging contract pulled from underneath him he is going to lose it all. He then takes some of the alien tech he already salvaged and turns in to a high powered weapons dealer.

Keaton’s quiet yet menacing presence on screen plays well against Tom Holland’s loud mouth jokester. Speaking Tom Holland, he plays the role of high school Peter Parker pretty well. He throws in a slightly cracking voice as Peter is only in tenth grade and you know, puberty. He’s awkward, bright eyed, and hasn’t quite figured out his life just yet. He still has this fantastic ideal in his head that he is an Avenger as he still has the suit Tony Stark gave him. He just dreams of being something bigger than a guy who stops small time crimes.

I like Holland’s version of Spidey the best so far. His relationship with Tony Stark is that of a we don’t hug but you know how I feel type of mentor. He shows up to check Spider-Man’s ego. He only shows up maybe four to five times in the film but they are short, sweet and effective in pushing the narrative along. Oh, and Marisa Tomei is hot Aunt May. Literally, the movie throws it in your face infinity times that this is what she is as men give her gifts and compliments throughout. It was a shoulder shrugger for me.

The action sequences were decent but nothing that you gotta see. The appearance by Donald Glover was OK. Nothing newsworthy, but funny. Same can be said of Hannibal Burress’ quick little step in to the Spideyverse. I’m glad they used the affiliation with the MCU sparingly yet abundantly enough to let you know they exist in the same universe. It made the world seem larger. If only we can get the X-Men and numerous other heroes to do the same it will be a massive money maker (looking at you Fox…again). It’s not perfect although, a great start to a third attempt at a franchise for the wall crawler. Spider-Man:Homecoming takes a 4 out of 5 from this comic nerd.