DC Universe: Swamp Thing – Drive All Night


Wow. Five episodes in and we get the culmination of the subplot involving the specter of Shawna (Given Sharp) haunting Maria (Virginia Madsen) and now it targeting Susie (Elle Graham) to get to Abby (Crystal Reed).  I wasn’t expecting this subplot to be here this soon, but here we are.  Not only that but Swamp Thing (Derek Meeks) gets a visit from Phantom Stranger (Macon Blair), who teaches Alec more about his powers.

Holy crap this episode. Things are coming to ahead. We get a conclusion to the Maria/Abby subplot that began in the “Pilot”  episode. Then we get more continuation of Liz’s look into the possibility that Avery (Will Patton) was responsible for Alec’s death.  Not only that we get Woodrue (Kevin Durand) slithering around putting the pieces of the sample Abby let him study. And if that wasn’t enough, we get more on Daniel (Ian Ziering) which of course teases the mystical side that’s keeping him stuck in Marais. All that, and we finally find out who killed Alec at the end of the Pilot too.

Like holy hell, this episode was a whopper and we got so many answers flying by us. So much so, I had to rewatch the scene between Sheriff (Jessica Beals) and a Game Warden who just so happened to be out the night Alec was killed.  Everyone brought their A-game this episode, cause damn. Each actor gets a moment when the just own a scene they’re in.

This episode really had it all. Some nice chilling moments with Ghost Shawna. I kept thinking the opening scenes to myself, “AND SHE APPEARS BEHIND MARIA.” repetitively because I kept thinking it would go one way and then the other. But nope it went in such a different and damn I was like, “Eep!”  Yes, there is a bit of predictability that absolves Abby of the supposed crime she had, but given what we’ve been teased. I kind thought it go this route since the show had been teasing it since the second episode.

What I really didn’t expect, but should have, was someone like the Phantom Stranger to show up on this show. I mean the series has been teasing something holding Daniel to the town and explain the mystical nature of Marias.  so something had to be directing it all. It couldn’t be Xanadu (Jeryl Prescott) who seems more the human guide of this area. Not to mention the person who’s the sanest and warning folks not go down these paths. If only they’d listen to her this would be episode three, not five.

And I haven’t even taken about the lengths Avery goes this episode. Damn. What a bastard and I think actor Will Patton is having the time of his life playing the character.  Just when you think Avery can’t sink to a new low. Bam. He’ll surprise you and go even lower.

It seems ever since the last episode, the show is just going to town on all sorts of angles. Oh sure, one may be predictable. But heck I’m a sucker for ghosts. Plus Woodrue now actively going after Swamp Thing should be interesting. Add to that Daniel has no idea what the higher powers of Marias want him to do will be interesting.