DC Universe Scares Up Another Hit With Swamp Thing


When you think DC’s Swamp Thing the first thing that probably comes to mind is probably the low-budget, forgettable movie from the early 1980s. While the film was without a doubt a product of its time and a certified cult classic there was only room for improvement. That upgrade comes in the form of DC Universe’s newest streaming series of Swamp Thing.

All of this becomes apparent within the first few minutes as a bunch of hillbillies destroying the swamp land of Louisiana get attacked by a mysterious creature. It’s genuinely terrifying and a great modern horror approach to the genre.

The rest of the first episode takes things slow as we establish most of our main characters. Our main character isn’t Swamp Thing or even the man who will becomes Swamp Thing but instead the beautiful Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed).  Arcane is a scientist for the World Health Organization and has been called back to her hometown to investigate a mysterious plant outbreak that has been killing people.

Because Arcane is the main character and not the Swamp Thing it allows the audience to discover the world with her, a directorial stroke of genius.  She also brings along her research assistant (Leonardo Nam) who unfortunately gets sidelined through much of the first episode. Thankfully it doesn’t take long for her to cross paths with Andy Bean (Alec Holland), an eccentric biologist also studying the outbreak.

The only real hitch in the series comes in the form of Will Patton, who plays the town’s token rich white guy and clearly the villain. Patton is a fantastic actor but the way he’s presented just screams villain from the very start.

Those wondering where the big green guy is are in for a slow burn. If the series showed all of its cards right out of the gate it wouldn’t be worth watching. Instead viewers must wait until the very end for the creature to appear and it’s totally worth it. DC didn’t hold back and Swamp Thing looks EXACTLY like he does in the comics. It’s glorious.

DC has been putting out its best material on its new streaming service proving that it is very much a major player in the comic book multimedia medium. While their movies may have their faults the level of commitment that they are putting into their TV shows proves they are a still a force of nature.