DC Finally Shows Off Flash Footage


This weekend’s DC Fandome let the studio make a lot of big announcements. In fact, they made some announcements fans have been waiting years for and finally paid them off. The Flash movie has been in development in one form or another for about 10 years. It has gone through more directors than The Crow reboot and for a long time seemed like more of a myth within the studio than something that might actually happen.

But this weekend at DC Fandome 2021 the studio delivered a real trailer for the new Flash movie and it looks pretty epic. Unfortunately, the focus seems less on Barry Allen and more on the multiverse of Batmans.

By now if you’ve been paying attention, and if you’re watching DC Fandome you’ve probably been paying attention, you know that Michael Keaton’s Batman is returning (no pun intended) as the Caped Crusader to mentor this new version of The Flash as he trails across the multiverse.

While that certainly causes for celebration it is still a Flash movie. Still, given that the studio seems to be leaning heavy into The Flashpoint story they seem to be banking on using the movie as a soft reboot of the whole DCEU. Which isn’t a bad idea. But like killing Superman off in his second movie it is a decision that feels WAY too early for the character. We barely know this Barry Allen so accepting different versions of his won’t be that strange.

It should be noted that the TV show already did this storyline but because audiences have spent so long with Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen the changes felt a lot more immediate and were felt throughout the entire Arrowverse. Now the cinematic version of Barry Allen has to do the same only on a much larger scale and in under two hours.

Personally, I’m rooting for the film to be a success. I want the DCEU to finally live up to its name and show audiences a truly great time at the movies. Time will tell on this one.