DC Changes Superman’s Mission Statement


DC Fandome really tried to change the game. The online event was a chance for the studio to roll out a ton of new content on its own terms. The results are in and miss and the execution still needs work but it is hard to argue with the results. Some big announcements were made that totally change the landscape.

One of the biggest of those changes involves The Big Boy Scout himself, Superman. Long the purveyor of Truth, Justice, and the American Way that’s all about to change. Jim Lee, DC’s Chief Creative Officer announced that instead, Superman is now fighting for “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.” One can almost hear the instant backlash.

The decision was made to better represent the current stories being told. While it may sound like sacrilege it isn’t all that strange given the current geopolitical landscape. We live in a world where the American Way isn’t quite as happy and shiny as it was decades ago. Superman represents hope not just for Americans but for people everywhere.

Honestly, it’s a good move on the part of DC. If they want to be a studio that represents everyone they need to include everyone. Marvel has been doing this for quite some time and, if anything, this feels like something that probably should have been done about 10 years ago.

A lot of what was announced during the 2021 Fandome can be undone or rebooted but this feels a little more set in stone. It will be interesting to see the repercussions this has for the character and pop