Dark Moon Rising – Movie Review (Digital)


Director: Justin Price
Written by: Justin Price
Production Company: Pikchure Zero Entertainment
Stars: Stasi Esper, Cameron White, Eric Roberts
Release Date: 4 August 2015


WHY was it so dark in the first 3 minutes????
Oh…that was a conversation I was having with myself.
I like the opening credits graphics and the song. Wahhhh, this is kinda of cheesy. There is so much CGI in this film. The story line is incomplete.
White’s voice doesn’t match his persona. He’s so EMO, why???
I don’t even know, but what the heck is Eric Roberts doing in this one???
This can’t be part of a trilogy. This was a very bad, I mean, very bad werewolf movie. I don’t understand the Dark Moon or Red Moon or what Stasi Esper’s role (as Dawn) was in this film. Not sure how she was special or how White’s character was supposed to be, besides emo. The night scenes are too dark.

I literally have nothing else to say or provide for my review. I wanted to stop watching after 3 minutes. This movie can go straight to Netflix. Or not. Don’t even pay the $1.00 for Red Box.