Culinary Cinema #1 – San Diego Film Festival



This week (Sept 30 – October 4) the San Diego Film Festival had several screenings (and parties) that took place downtown at the Reading Gaslamp Cinemas and at the Arclight Cinemas in La Jolla.

I was so fortunate enough through my work with That’s My E to be able to attend some screenings.
Now, I don’t know if San Diego Film Festival had a culinary track last year, they certainly did this year. I will most certainly attend next year, especially if they have the Culinary Cinema again!

I have been looking forward to this for a few days.

The featured films for the Culinary Cinema were:
King Georges
Cooking up a Tribute

Both amazing documentaries. First, we discuss King Georges:

King Georges is a film about Georges Perrier, a respected, renown French Chef since 1967. Owner of Le Bec Fin, an elegant French restaurant in Philadelphia. Le Bec Fin opened in 1970 and closed its doors in 2010.
Here is a snippet of Erika Frankel at the Traverse City Festival in July 2015

During that time, Georges was (is, honestly) an award winning chef and amazing saucier.
Saucier is one who makes sauces as an art. A quote that sticks with me: “To be a great chef, you must be a great saucier” (quoted from Chef Bernard Guillas of The Marine Room- I do believe he mentioned someone else saying the same thing).
In the film, you see Georges being hard on his staff, not because he enjoyed it. Because, as he said, he wants them to be better. Watching the behind the scenes, creating phenomenal dishes, it is so sure to get your mouth to water. Words like “duck” and “wine sauce”, and learning the term “galette” and to not burn them unless there is butter on them and a very watchful eye. I love to watch a chef’s passion. Hard work, blood, sweat and tears go into running a restaurant.
As a blogger, food lover and consumer, I can only imagine the hard work it takes to create dishes for our tasting. I know that I don’t have the patience, but most certainly appreciate the Chefs who put their passion into their dishes.
In the film, we also learn that his Chef de Cuisine, Nicholas Elmi, became his partner, then when the doors closed, he went on the Bravo TV show, Top Chef and won. He opened his restaurant, Laurel, where Georges consults for him from time to time.
Here is the trailer for the wonderful film we watched today!

I learned about the Chaine des rotisseurs (and wondering why I am not a member!!) one of the oldest group of culinarians. Literally, the first foodies (I am so inspired)!!!
This was an amazing film!

I previously posted a post asking how you (as the reader and consumer) enjoy food. You should take a read to it. It definitely circles to this one.

After the film, there was a Q&A Panel with Chef Yannick Engerran and Chef Bernard Guillas, as well as Fernando Garciola and Tru Miller. The panel discussed food and wine pairings. The wine pairings were from Baja, mainly the Valle de Guadalupe. The winery, Adobe Guadalupe named after archangels. I need to make a visit south of the border. There are 150 wineries in existence. SO MUCH wine!!!
The wine tastings we had were Gabriel and Kerubiel. Beautifully blended reds. Smooth and aromatic.
Here is a photo of the panel after the first film. Chef Yannick came in ten minutes later.

L to R: Fernando Garciola, Tru Miller, Chef Bernard Guillas and Hal Small

Chef Bernard Guillas of The Marine Room

Chef Bernard is 1 of 2 French Masters here in San Diego.
Some great questions were asked: How do the chefs think how true are food shows to the craft?
Chef Bernard felt that the Food Network is a great platform to showcase chefs where Chef Yannick felt that it is good for those who cannot cook, but believes that the smell and flavors in the kitchen needs to stay real.
After the Q&A, we were guided to the hallway where we were able to taste some AMAZING delectables.

Chef Yannick – European Champion Foie Grasa and Maitre Saucier

Chef Bernard

Foie Gras slightly dipped in chocolate

My tasting with Kerubiel to wash it down.
The Foie gras with fig was amazing. It just MELTS in your mouth. I am so glad it is back in San Diego, foie gras that is. The sandwich, chicken with mayonnaise and something added, fantastic!
There was so much food to snack and pair. By the way, the Paoloni, a Chenin Blanc was added. Notes of honey, perfect to pair with foie gras. Both reds: Gabriel and Kerubiel were beautiful. So smooth.
I was so eager to get into the second film, I must have been such a bother to the volunteers.

I hope the Film Festival does something like this again next year. This was amazing and so worth the ticket!!