Contrapelo: The Dilema Of Killing A Killer


Release Date: April 18, 2014
Runtime: 19 min
Director: Gareth Dunnet Alcocer
Genre: Short, Drama, Thriller
Stars: Art Bonilla, Eduardo Roman, Brian Gomez
5/5 stars. If you get a chance to take out a killer does it make it right?

Contrapelo is the story of a mexican barber who is kidnapped to shave one of the most notorious cartel capos in Mexico. The barber has his opinions about the corrupt, blood-thirsty warlords, but when faced with a chance to turn the tide and kill one of them brings out a moral question; is it right to do so.  This 19 minute short film is a deep look inside the story of how a man, in the face of his enemy, makes the journey to decide to do what is right or what is deserved.  Art Bonilla does a fantastic job as the barber plagued with this dangerous game of cat and mouse.  Eduardo Roman plays the perfect nemesis as we watch the chemistry between them.  In regards to the cinematography, simple is better.  Each angle has meaning and shows the moral dilema. Even though the movie is completely subtitled in spanish, that did not deter me from being immersed into the location and the kind of life in the small villages of Mexico.

It’s definitely a wonderful short piece and worth the time to check it out.  See the trailer below.



contrapelo_screen_2 contrapelo_Screen_1