Comic-Con@ Home 2021: Heels Comes Out Swinging


The new TV show Heels made its debut at Comic-Con @ Home 2021 with the cast and crew in
tow. The series, which will premiere on Starz, next month showcases the world of indie wrestling and
the cult that surrounds it in a small Georgia town.

Of course, the show is a natural fit for former Arrow lead Stephen Amell who went on to make an
appearance on the WWE during his run on the show. That point was made right away as the moderator
opened with “Which one of you is the biggest wrestling fan in the cast and why is it Stephen?” but Amell
was gracious enough to pass the question on to the rest of the cast given that so many already know of
his passion.

Though they all showed some level of interest in the sport before getting cast the joy coming from each
of them as they described their experiences prepping for the show came through loud and clear. “The
stuff I was doing was just amazing. We were jumping off coaches and dong these crazy moves, eight-year-old me was ecstatic,” says Allen Maldonado who plays Rooster on the show.

The show itself gives a glimpse inside the world of independent wrestling and the lives of those that do
it for a living. Typically this would be a fantastic idea rife with potential but Netflix already tried it a few
years ago in the vastly underrated (and now canceled) GLOW. But that show was focused on a group of
women and this one has a group of men so it will be interesting to watch the response to the show
based on its approach to gender.

Comic-Con @ Home seems to know by now that Zoom panels can get a little dull so they kept this one
shockingly short. Coming in at just over a half-hour it seemed like there was more the cast and crew
wanted to dive into but time constraints wouldn’t allow it. The irony of course is that the entire thing
was pre-broadcast so they could have definitely gone over a bit without it being a problem.

This is only the first full day of the convention so things are still revving up. The Heels panel was
interesting and it looks like a great show so here’s hoping the cast returns (in-person) next year to
discuss season two.