Chris Pratt Brings It In Tomorrow War


Chris Pratt’s most recent film, The Tomorrow War was released to some mixed reviews; Critics gave it a low score but it was celebrated by everyone else.

In this film, Pratt plays Dan Forrester, a high school teacher with an ex special forces background with a penchant for science. He is constantly trying to advance his career but has come accross some setbacks. An event occurs where a portal opens up and soldiers from the future warn the world that the human race would be wiped out unless they helped them in their mission to eradicate the creatures.

The world governments agree to a global draft, sending men and women forward in time to help complete the missions due to lack of manpower. Dan is finally conscripted into the effort and learns that there isn’t much being said about the creatures or what is happening to the ones who are drafted.

When it finally comes time to jump forward in time, Dan realizes these civilians are being sent to their doom and survival rates are pretty low.  As they arrive in the future they are being dropped randomly from the sky and that was just the least of their problems.

Humans are food here, nothing more. Everything has been overrun by the aliens they call White Claws.

This movie was a good romp through with a slow beginning.  There is a good deal of set up involved with character development and who and what we are dealing with as the audience. We are introduced to Dan’s dad played by a pumped up J.K. Simmons and their internal family issues.

When we finally get to the meat of the movie (the battle in the future) things pick up and move pretty fast. Dan learns about his future and what happened to his daughter. She reveals to him what must be done and that something must be sacrificed in order to save the future.

It’s entertaining at best and if you are a prime member it is free with membership. You aren’t going to find anything new or innovative in this film but you will enjoy the ride.

The Tomorrow War is now available on Amazon Prime Video and is free for Prime members.