CCI 2018: WMM’s Amazing Custom Items For SDCC


War Machine Marketing has teamed up with artists throughout North America to create some of the most intricate, special, limited-edition items. Though their custom trade is year-round, some incredibly special items are being made for San Diego Comic Con 2018. From Star Wars characters that have never had their own action figure, to the re-imagining of some of our favorite characters, War Machine Marketing creates pieces SO limited and exclusive that to own one puts the collector in a category all their own.

War Machine Marketing is doing 4 different custom items based on the Funko line of figures. Each item will be sold to the winners of a lottery. One per day. Tickets will be given out each morning between 9-11am and the drawing will occur at noon each day. Winners must be at the booth to make the purchase immediately following the drawing.

The maniacal clown, PENNYWISE from the hit movie, IT, gets a brand-new treatment from the hands of amazing artist, Richie Mitchell. Pennywise is presented in his underground home next to a sewer pipe where words inside the pipe read “WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE”. The artist has also added a way to put batteries in the scene, to make the lights of Pennywise’s eyes and the words in the sewer pipe light up! It’s an amazing effect and one that will blow away fans of the movie. The Pennywise scene is limited to 5 numbered pieces at $350 per piece.

Artist Ben Flater has created 5 glitter-encrusted crustacean creations! Pop figures of Tamatoa from the hit Disney movie, MOANA, have been hand-foiled in shiny glitter to complement the character’s song in the movie. His entire body is covered in colorful glitter, giving him an amazing shine in any light. Even HE would be impressed with the shiny veneer! The Tamatoa figure is limited to 5 numbered pieces at $200 per piece.

War Machine’s DIAMOND TRIBUTE to the one and only Carrie Fisher debuts at SDCC as well. A crystal-encrusted version will be made available of her Princess Leia character from STAR WARS EPISODE 4: A NEW HOPE. This beautiful figure took over 12 hours to create by hand with over 2,400 crystals adorning every part of her from her signature hair buns to her skin to her white dress. This truly highlights the artist’s and company’s love of Star Wars. This piece is limited to 5 numbered pieces with commemorative card inserts at $200 per piece.

Ben Flater’s amazing Merc With A Mouth, DEADPOOL, is like nothing that has ever been seen! Deadpool has had many iterations of his character over the years from samurais to cooks to even a version of friendly artist, Bob Ross. This mash-up is of him laying down as a mermaid. We wanted to make sure that our makeover included multicolored crystals to highlight his…*ahem* added attributes. He is covered with over 2,400 crystals by hand taking over 7 hours per figure. This piece is limited to 3 numbered pieces.
War Machine Marketing will also be a sponsor for the sold-out 501st Legion Party during San Diego Comic Con 2018. For this event, and to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the insanely bizarre (and often reviled) Star Wars Holiday Special which debuted and was shown only once back in 1978, War Machine Marketing is proud to have created an action figure of the late Bea Arthur’s bartender character, ACKMENA. She will come with 8 points of articulation as well as a blaster pistol, a pitcher and cup. Her action figure was created by long time War Machine Marketing collaborator, Kevin Ferrier for SWK ACTION FIGURES and the custom card was done by Scott Kruger of Scott Kruger Graphic design. This is a one of a kind action figure and the lucky winner of this item will have the ONLY carded version of this figure in the world!

War Machine Marketing will also be showcasing many other custom action figures at their booth (#1415) at San Diego Comic Con including action figures that were never put into production, custom action figures of people, and mash ups that will blow people’s minds!