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Day of the Animals: A Retrospective

You know a movie people love to riff and is unbearable without anyone talking over it? Birdemic. That movie has characters with zero chemistry, no charisma, horrible acting and even worse editing and special effects. The whole point of that movie is to warn people about global warming and the effects it would have on the environment and the inhabitants ... Read More »

In “Ingrid Goes West” it’s all boozy brunches and weekends in the desert till someone gets hurt.

  As a youth, I loved seeing movies where the whole point was that grown-ups really don’t have anything figured out, that everyone’s just bumbling through adulthood, taking blind stabs in the dark and hoping they somehow add up to good decisions. The Big Chill is one of my favorites in that category – you’ve got all these well-sweatered adults, ... Read More »

Retro Review: The Wraith

Hey everyone, do you like cars? (I guess so) Do you like revenge? (It’s best served cold?) Do you like the cheesy over the top villains in traditional 1980s movies? (heck yeah) Well, my friends, do I have a treat for you (do you really?). Read More »

Long Beach Comic-Con 2017-Tony Bedard will be joining LBCC this September!

Writer of SUPERGIRL, GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS and TEEN TITANS for DC Comics, Tony Bedard has been a nonstop font of creativity for over 20 years. In all that time, scientists have been unable to explain his seemingly ageless looks, manly vitality and minty-fresh breath. Known for top-tier superhero comics like GREEN LANTERN CORPS and EXILES, Tony also wrote critical ... Read More »

The Titans of Terror Tram is Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2017

Read More »

Comic Con 2017: Game of Thrones: The Musical Comes to SDCC

Amidst the massive array of outside events linked to San Diego Comic Con, the realm of musical theatre still triumphs with the hilarious parody, “Game of Thrones: The Musical”. The Unauthorized Parody is based upon the hit HBO television series of the same name, which in turn is based upon the immensely popular book series, “A Song of Ice and ... Read More »

Endless Poetry: An Endless Celebration of Life’s Whimsy and Darkness

There are certain directors whose new movies should be cause for jubilation. One of them, without any argument, should be the legendary cult Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. Once the premiere filmmaker for the beautiful philosophies and absurdities one would associate with the surreal (and predating those like David Lynch and Nicolas Winding Refn, who Jodorowsky would eventually become a mentor ... Read More »


After a seven year hiatus, The Jigsaw Killer returns is this frightening sequel/reboot of the “Saw” film franchise. Lionsgate’s official synopsis reads “One of the highest grossing horror franchises of all time is back, taking the Jigsaw killer’s signature brand of twisted scenarios to the next level.” Based on what we can see in the trailer, it looks as though ... Read More »

OFFICIAL TRAILER: The Shape of Water

  From the mind of visionary director Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy) comes an other-worldly fairy tale set in Cold war-era 1963. Sporting an incredible cast consisting of Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones, Octavia Spencer, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, and Michael Stuhlbarg, this film is sure to be hit. Read More »


From director Tomas Alfredson (“Let the Right One In”) comes a new thriller based upon the terrifying novel by  Jo Nesbø. In The Snowman, Detective Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) teams with a new recruit (Rebecca Ferguson) to take down a notorious serial killer that strikes every time the snow falls. While the film is sporting an impressive cast and director, the dialogue ... Read More »

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