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Getting to Know The Punisher’s Daniel Webber

I want to state for the record that Daniel Webber has a charming Australian accent, which made doing a phone interview with him all the more wonderful.   Okay so, Marvel Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’. First off, congratulations! Thank you so much. First off, how, why, did you land the role? Still trying to figure it out. Just went through the ... Read More »

Getting to Know The Punisher’s Michael Nathanson

Your character is Sam Stein, so what made you want to get into playing this character in the first place, how did you get the role? Well, I love working! That’s initially what made me want to do it, I got the audition and wanted to do it. I got a call for an audition about a series, it was ... Read More »

Future Man

Future Man is the new series executive produced by Seth Rogen. It is pretty much what you would expect from a project with Rogen’s name attached to it. Read More »

That’s My Entertainment Interviews Jason Moore From The Punisher

Q:Congratulations on getting a role on the Punisher! That is awesome-sauce. JM: Thank you so much. Q:The character you’re playing, Curtis Hoyle, he has a longstanding history in the comic books. JM: Yes he does, he’s definitely an established character in the comic books, which made it easy for my research. Q:So you did do some research into the comics? ... Read More »

Who You Gonna Call? Stranger Things Season 2 Gets the Gang Back Together For the Apocalypse

“Don’t you think it’s weird…that we only seem to hang out when the world’s about to end?” – Nancy, aka Nance Read More »

NBC Gives Chicago Justice (TV Series 2017)

Chicago Justice is a spinoff from Chicago PD, where Peter Stone (Phillip Winchester) was the State’s Attorney on that show for a few episodes. The show opens with a crossover with Season four, Episode 16 titled, “Emotional Proximity” which is the investigation of a fire at a warehouse. The fire at a factory caused 39 children die, to include Detective ... Read More »

You Get Me Is A Good Late Night Watch

What’s new on Netflix for those who enjoys thrillers. Okay, a psych thriller. Emphasis on “PSYCHO.” You want a love triangle? This might be the movie for you, on a Sunday night, just to relax. Grab that glass of wine and get to your Netflix account and search for You Get Me. It might be on your suggested list, because ... Read More »

Netflix Takes a Stab at Death Note (2017)

Release Date: 25 August 2017 Channel: Netflix Director: Adam Wingard Writers: Charley Parlapanides (screenplay), Vlas Parlapanides (screenplay),Jeremy Slater (screenplay), Tsugumi Oba (based on “Death Note”), Takeshi Obata (based on “Death Note”) Cast: Nat Wolff, Lakeith Stanfield, Margaret Qualley, Shea Whigham, Willem Dafoe MPAA Rating: TV-MA A student who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone begins a ... Read More »

Amazon’s The Tick Has Moments of Genius in Tonally Off Series

Amazon’s The Tick is a fascinating watch even if it doesn’t always work. The Tick, which has been around in one form or another since the 90s, has some moments of pure genius but the entire show feels tonally off. That may be due to the fact that instead of putting the characters in a comic book hyper-reality the show’s ... Read More »

Defenders Season 1 – Oh, Great…Who Invited Danny? (Spoiler-Free)

  Marvel’s cinematic universe has been surprisingly successful at creating great movies anchored by second-tier (and sometimes third and fourth-tier) super heroes and elevating them into household names.They made half a billion dollars on a movie about a guy whose powers (at the time) included shrinking and ant talking. Visitors to Disney’s California Adventure are currently waiting in two-hour lines ... Read More »

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