Captain Marvel Is The Heroine For The Millenial Generation


I was able to catch a sneak preview of the new film Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson as the heroine who will eventually become the savior from Thanos in the coming movie in the MCU.

Vers is a young soldier still learning how to control her temper, while serving the forces of the Kree empire. She has no recollection of her past; only that she was found by her commander Yon-Rogg, played by Jude Law.  As a soldier she is deemed reckless and unstable with powers that she was “given” by the governing force referred to the Supreme Intelligence (Annette Benning). Vers was told that her power can be taken away if she can not use it responsibly.

They go on a mission to retrieve one of their spies on a Kree Border planet. Headstrong and fearless, Vers goes with her troop to survey the area. She insists on going into the situation alone but her commanding officer wouldn’t have it. As it turns out, the whole thing is an ambush by the enemy and she is captured.  This is where the story begins of Captain Marvel.

In this movie if, you pay attention, Marvel puts in a lot of information that can fill in the gaps; how the Tesseract got to earth, the origins of agent Coulson, how the Avengers Initiative was created and most of all, why does Nick Fury keep around an ancient pager.

Captain Marvel was entertaining. Brie Larson was the  hero that represented most of this generation; the awkward confidence, the rebellious attitude when it comes to authority and serious passion when its needed the most. Samuel Jackson served mostly as the comedic sidekick in the movie, providing that bit of laughter when things got a little slow.

It picked up midway when we actually delve into Ver’s past. She begins to rediscover herself and what happened that fateful day she was accepted into Cree society.  It’s a journey we can all relate to in life; coming of age and realizing who you are and what you are capable of. This part of the movie is full of great positive messages;Believe in yourself etc …

When Vers realizes she is actually a human test pilot named Carol Danvers, her powers are realized and she becomes the ass kicking heroine that everyone expects in a superhero movie.

This movie delighted me as I was entreated to visions of my high school and college days, references to old video store chains, grunge and Nine Inch Nails t-shirts. I spent alot of my time with my friends gawking at nostalgic items from memories past.

Some final thoughts on the movie is that you should go see it understanding that Hollywood ALWAYS remakes the source material and very few stay true to it. That being said, compared to other MCU origin movies this was an okay one and hopefully in the future the character will materialize into the vision of what Stan Lee had intended. We already see this in the way that the story was written. As Carol Danver’s story unfolds we will hope that it will fill in most of the gaps in the MCU where she would have been present.