Cannon Busters: Episode 1 Review


Netflix brings out a lot of original shows to their platform. One of the genres they have started to excel in is original anime. Anime is loved by many people because you can fit so many characters, plots, troupes and action sequences and it all feels natural and a product of the show. One of the anime shows Netflix has brought is Cannon Busters.

Without any knowledge of the show and only a trailer to look at before watching the first episode, it felt very reminiscent of a Trigun meets Cowboy Beebop. Is Cannon Busters worth a view? Well, after watching the first episode, I think it has enough to maintain an audience and offer the viewers different kinds of characters and a unique setting to help tell an interesting story. So, we shall review the first episode and there will be spoilers included, so, be prepared but I doubt there is enough to spoil much.

We immediately meet the character Philly the Kid. He is a wanted man with a huge bounty on his head. However, there is a myth surrounding Philly and that is that he cannot be killed. Meanwhile, his comedy emerges when he needs to run to the bathroom because of a percolating stomach. In Balloon Town, we meet Sam (an android) and Casey Turnbuckle (a maintenance bot) walking through the town trying to find Philly.

At the saloon, gun fire happens and people start fleeing. Bounty hunters seem to find Philly and shoot him. He rises shortly after and the missing piece of his chest soon healed, a la Wolverine style. Sam and Casey introduce themselves and ask for friendship and guidance to Gara’s Keep to find Prince Kelby (Heir to the Botican empire). When the bounty hunters start firing at the three, Philly reluctantly agrees and throws Casey outside to his car with a quarter. Casey puts the quarter in an old arcade quarter insert and a screen in the car emerges saying “Raging Bull Mode” turning the car into a bull mecha (giant robot). Meanwhile in the bar, Sam notices a cannon on one of the bounty hunters arms and her eyes turn dark red. Her mouth opens and a light energy starts to build up around her.

The hunter said she is a cannon buster (no knowledge what that is and love the name drop). The building comes crashing upon them with no injuries. Just as they tried figuring out what to do, three mecha show up and start firing at the three. More specifically, they are Botican assault mechas. We don’t know why they are attacking the bounty hunters, but with nice driving of “Bessie” in car mode, he is able to fool two of them into blowing up. The car eventually turns into the mecha and destroys the last one, throwing it down a canyon. However, the last scene of this episode shows the mecha falling down the canyon as well due to losing its footing, ending the first episode.

This was a very entertaining and pretty action packed episode that pulls you in as a viewer. Offering violence, comedy, giant robots, explosions all set in a post apocalyptic world. Without knowing anything about this anime, seeing just the trailer and now the first episode, I think this anime could be a lot of fun and offer something for everyone. I think it tows the line enough with the curse of Philly, the car turning into a mecha of a Bull and the two androids wandering around a barren wasteland looking for a missing prince.

It has nice ingredients for a good action/comedy/adventure anime that has likable characters and endless possibilities. A lot of foes to come across since it’s set in a world where automail seems common and hybrid human/droids could be just as common. I enjoyed the first episode and will look forward to the rest of the show. What will become of Philly and learn more about the three main characters. How they ended up in this situation and what kind of baggage will they be secretly towing along.