C2E2 2018: Bringing the Brobots to Life!


C2E2 2018 brought together creators from all across the comic book industry. That’s My Entertainment got the chance to sit down with writer J. Torres and artist Sean Dove to talk about their latest creation, Brobots.

Brobots tells the story of a trio of robot bros that must band together to fight a giant monster and protect their city. “J. and I have known each other forever and we’ve been trying to find a project to work on together,” says Dove. “We both have a love of Japanese cartoons and 80s cartoons and video games and we finally found a good way to collaborate on something doing Brobots.”



“The stuff they get into is all stuff that we grew up loving,” explains Torres “whether it is giant robots or giant monsters. Even stuff from different fairy tales, like witches. We have an episode coming up that is kind of a parody of Power Rangers with Rita Repulsa. We give it a bit of a twist because there’s a Hansel and Gretel story and we can kind of mush the two together.”

When asked about his inspiration as an artist Dove explains that he loves “Good character designs. I’m always looking at big robots from Japan. I just love big, colorful shapes that fit the book in a really cool way.”

To read the full adventures of Brobots check out their series at Oni Press.