Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 Review


At this point, it almost feels like a stretch to give the show that name, it’s basically season three of The Mandalorian. For two episodes in a row, Mando has taken center stage in the episode while Boba Fett, the main character and namesake of the show, hasn’t even said a word. At least he showed up this time but wasn’t given any lines. This feels like a bait and switch.

I’d be mad but honestly, the results are fantastic. Episodes five and six of the seven-part series are everything Star Wars should be and what fans want. But they have been placed in the wrong show and that’s a problem.

Let’s get to the heart of the episode. Mando decides that it is time to reunite with Grogu who has been training with post-Return of the Jedi Luke on an undisclosed planet. There here’s greeted by Ahsoka (the always great Rosario Dawson) who lets him know that the attachment he has to Grogu is strong and if they reunite now it may ruin all of Luke’s training. Reluctantly, Mando leaves his gift with Ahsoka to give to Grogu.

After returning to Tatooine Mando joins up with Boba and his ever-growing army to figure out the best way to defeat the Pyke Syndicate. Boba nods his approval at one point but it’s Fennec (Ming Na-Wen) that does all the talking.

While all this is going on the Pyke Syndicate is slowly making its way into Tatooine much to the dismay of Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) the sheriff of the newly established Freetown. Literally, every time Olyphant is on screen is magic. He brings authentic Western swagger to Star Wars and I wish he could have had his own show instead.

A lot happens in the episode and it would be a shame to rob the viewer of those surprises. But those surprises are meant for the wrong characters in the Star Wars universe. Very few of the outcomes of the show will have a direct impact on Boba Fett’s world. It’s as if the writers of the show realized they wrote themselves into a corner by committing to seven episodes and just went off and wrote a different show instead.

With one episode left, there isn’t a whole lot of time to bring the focus back to Fett. Somehow he ended up as a side character in his own story. Hopefully, the writers learn their lesson and don’t make that storytelling mistake again in future shows.