Book of Boba Fett Ends Awkwardly


The Book of Boba Fett was always an experiment. Truthfully there’s no real reason for the show to exist except as fan service and, based on the final product, the creators seem to know that as well. The very short seven episode series managed to devote two full episodes to a side story that were somehow the best episodes of the series.



Though Boba Fett started out as a slow burn its final episode was so far removed from that it seemed like a totally different show. Some fans have joked that the new Star Wars content is like super fans playing with action figures and the final of Boba Fett proved that more or less right.

The final battle between Boba Fett and the Pyke Syndicate turned into all out chaos by the end, though that may have been the point. It’s like whatever Star Wars fantasy fans always wanted to see on screen happened but it happened all at the same time. Want to see Mando reunited with Grogu? Done. Want to see Fennec finally kick some ass? Done. Want to see Boba ride a rancor? Let’s do that too. Then everything was thrown into a blender and let loose.

The results were good albeit sometimes forced and awkward. Everyone seemed to show up at just the right time in just the right way that it lost some of the shocks that those reveals might have otherwise merited.

For all intents and purposes, about half of The Book of Boba Fett served as a back door season three for The Mandalorian. Many of the big reveal that fans were hoping to get in season three of that show end up in Boba Fett. Maybe the creators were just hoping to tell a larger story with Mando and Grogu in season three and wanted to tie up loose ends while they could but it is a strange storytelling choice to go that route.

Once all is said and done this felt like a very long detour to a place we’ll probably never visit again. At least now whenever fans think of Tatooine they will associate it with Boba Fett more than Luke. The series also set up quite a few new characters that might pop up again in future series.

Still, it doesn’t seem like the story was really moved forward all that much. Yes, Boba Fett finally had a new ending that didn’t involve the Sarlacc Pit but much of the series involved changing the core of his character to the point where he was barely recognizable. More and more it seems like Mando is what Boba Fett should be and the character in this show is just the shadow he once was.

Whether or not there’s a season two remains to be seen. It’s definitely not necessary in the grand scope of things.