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The Best of Wizard World Chicago 2017

Wizard World manages to pack a lot of activities into four days. Attendees descended on Rosemont, IL from all over the country to get their geek fix in and Wizard World didn’t disappoint. Though there were many high points below is a list of our top 5 highlights from this year’s show. Read More »

Amazon’s The Tick Has Moments of Genius in Tonally Off Series

Amazon’s The Tick is a fascinating watch even if it doesn’t always work. The Tick, which has been around in one form or another since the 90s, has some moments of pure genius but the entire show feels tonally off. That may be due to the fact that instead of putting the characters in a comic book hyper-reality the show’s ... Read More »


Photos: Leon Rudzin Read More »

Wizard World Chicago 2017-Fans Join the Fun

The first full day of Wizard World Chicago came to a close yesterday and though it was unusually quiet for a Friday it wasn’t hard to imagine that it was only the calm before the storm. Read More »

Why Disney Leaving Netflix is Important

Yesterday it was announced that Disney would remove all of its entries from Netflix and create its own streaming service for those that have cut the cord on cable. While this makes sense from a financial standpoint for the Mouse House it will prove to be a problem for many in the long run. Read More »

The Justice League Might be Affleck’s Last Movie as Batman

Rumor has it that Ben Affleck is looking to gracefully exit his role as Batman after his time on Justice League is over. Read More »

SDCC 2017: David Ayer’s “Bright” Trailer is a Fantasy Training Day

David Ayer, who last made the mediocre Suicide Squad, comes out swinging with the first full trailer for his Netflix original Bright starring Will Smith. The film sees Smith as a human cop in a world where fantasy creature co-exist with mankind. It looks to be a re-imagined version of Training Day with an orc partner this time around. This ... Read More »

SDCC 2017: 20th Century Fox Brings in The Kingsman

20th Century Fox hit the show floor today with a brand new trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The trailer gave fans far more footage than they had seen in the first one and bit more of a look at the culture shock Eggsy gets when he meets The Statesmen in America. Director Matthew Vaughn seems to have done a ... Read More »

Comic Con 2017: The Tick Takes Over

After far too long a hiatus The Tick is back in action with a brand new season coming to Amazon Prime. Read More »

D23 Brings First Look at Thanos in Infinity War

Twitter is abuzz with all things D23 today and some bombshells are already starting to drop. Read More »

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