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Getting to Know The Punisher’s Ben Barnes

With Marvel’s The Punisher debuting on Netflix this week That’s My Entertainment sat down with the cast to discuss what it was like making the groundbreaking series. The show tells the story of Frank Castle, a man dedicated to making the criminals of the world pay (violently) for the crimes against humanity as retribution for the death of his family. Read More »

SLLACC: Quantum Leap May Find New Life in Feature Film

Despite not having been on the air for decades Quantum Leap may have found new life. Read More »

SLLACC: Fans Get First Look at Stargate: Origins at LA Comic Con

Fans who attended the 2017 Los Angeles Comic Convention this morning were treated to a special first look at the long awaited Stargate: Origins, the first Stargate TV show in quite some time. Read More »

SLLACC: Michael Bay’s Media Group Drops New Comic Series

Michael Bay has more tricks up his sleeves than just Transformers. His multi-platform entertainment group 451 Media just announced at the LA Comic Convention this afternoon that it will be unveiling a new graphic novel series in 2018 called Safehaven. Read More »

NYTVF: The Women of The Deuce

Last night the women of HBO’s hit series The Deuce discussed what exactly it means to portray a woman not just in the sex industry but during the early days of mainstream porn in 1970s New York. Read More »

NYTVF 2017: A Discussion with Lena Waithe

Lena Waithe sat down with attendees of the 2017 New York Television Festival last night to talk about what it’s like being the first African-American woman to take home an Emmy for comedy writing. Read More »

Jungle is a Roaring Adventure Into the Heart of the Amazon

Daniel Radcliffe is much more than Harry Potter and Jungle, finally, proves it. The movie tells the true story of Yossi Ghinsberg (Radcliffe) and his traveling companions as they trek through the Amazon in the early 1980s. Don’t let rather mundane description fool you, Jungle is intense and a slow burn by design. Read More »

NYCC: The Next Generation of Pacific Rim Arrives

The trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising finally landed it’s…something. It was never going to be easy following the groundbreaking Pacific Rim which bears the undeniable mark of Guillermo Del Toro. Once it hit theaters there was instant speculation of a sequel even though it didn’t have the greatest box office domestically. Thanks to overseas revenue the sequel finally moved forward, ... Read More »

You Should Be Watching Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil‘s sophomore season airs this November and That’s My Entertainment is here to get you up to speed on one of TV’s most underrated shows. The IFC comedy/horror tells the tale of former Sheriff Stan Miller who reluctantly must fight a plague of assorted demons that have taken over the town. Read More »

James Cameron Changes Tone of Entire Avatar Series With One Picture

With a little over three years until the long awaited Avatar sequels James Cameron just tanked any interest in the ongoing series with a single press release. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the children of Pandora. Apparently Jake and Neytiri have been busy in the passing years as they now (somehow) have a horde of children, many of which will take ... Read More »

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